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Brdth 'id:) + agent suffix. Another O. Ir. term for 'judge' is medam, formed from the root med- 'measures, judges' + the agent suffIX -am(on) (for discussion, see Watkins, Indo-European Origins of the Celtic Verb (Dublin 1962) 182-3). 1m Brithem is used to translate Latin iudex and arbiter in the O. Ir. Glosses. , forms based on the gen. sg. and pI. britheman and nom. pI. brithemain. The word is also attested in Manx (briw) and Scottish Oaeli~ (britheamh). The latter is angl. brieve (see p. 261).

20 Uraicecht Beec " gives the SUI litre 'expert in ecclesiastical learning' the. 21 According to a text on distraint,22 ·'there are three churchmen whose evidence cannot be overturned ¢Yenby a king. They are a sui, a bishop and a hermit (deorad lit. 'exile of God'). 24 As with the other nemed-persons, the cleric's status depends on JUspossessing the necessary qualifications and behaving in aproper manner. 31-2 = CG 604-5. At the period of the law-texts there was no recognised religious leader of the whole country.

Celt. 5 (1970) 76-8. g. 9-10 = Eriu 12 (1938) 12). 1. 9 = Peritia 5 (1986) 85 §2. 28-32 = CO 277-83. 84 See CO p. v. aire coisring. Cf. Thad 248 where fer cerda clearly means 'poet' only. Cf. also, Welsh pencerd 'chief poet'. 77 The poet seems also to be entitled to use his power of satire (see p. 138) in law-enforcement across boundaries. a. 934 record the death of Uallach daughter of Muinechan, who is described as banflli Brenn 'the woman poet of Ireland'. 86 It is probable that the admission of a woman into the poetic class occurred mainly when a poet had no sons, and a daughter showed some aptitude for the profession.

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