By Joe R. Lansdale

ISBN-10: 0375897488

ISBN-13: 9780375897481

Jack Catcher's mom and dad are dead--his mother died of a affliction and his dad of a damaged heart--and he desires to get out of Oklahoma, the place dirt storms have killed every thing eco-friendly and hopeful. So whilst former classmate Jane Lewis and her little brother, Tony, appear in his backyard with plans to scouse borrow a useless neighbor's automobile and make a holiday for Texas, Jack does not desire a lot convincing to compliment them. yet a run-in with one of many era's so much infamous gangsters places a crimp in Jane's plan, and shortly the 3 young children are driving the rails between hoboes, gangsters, and con males, racing to warn a carnival-wrestler-turned-bank-robber of the chance headed towards him speedier than a black snowfall at the prairie horizon. This highway journey experience is a colourful experience via Depression-era America.

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In the morning, when I woke up, things didn’t seem as bad as they had the night before. I got out of the car as silently as I could, walked down to the creek. It was a wide creek, and unlike those near my home, it was full of water, and the water was running fast. I walked along the creek till I came to a place where it went narrow and was partly fed by a spring. The spring bubbled up out of the ground and ran into the creek and joined up with water coming from some other source. My guess was it was the Red River, as we were heading in the direction of the Texas border.

Rag or not, the dust had got in. I cut up the rabbits and tossed the innards in an empty bucket. I had been giving things like that to our dog, Butch, but the dog couldn’t stand the sand neither, and one day he went off and didn’t come back. I liked to imagine he had gone out to California and was living under a tree in an orange grove and there were kind folks who gave him food. California was a place some said everyone ought to go. Said there was work there and there wasn’t no sandstorms and there was plenty of water that didn’t taste like grit.

Ain’t no school to go to. ” “The teacher teaches in her own home,” Tony said. “I went there to stay away from Pa. He had a hankering to whip my butt now and then for entertainment. ” “That’s right,” Jane said. ” “It’s certainly doing you a lot of good right now,” I said. ” Jane turned and looked through the back windshield. “By the time that old man tells the law, we’re out of his town. ” She turned front again. ” I said. “No,” she said, “course not. We’re going to East Texas. ” I said. “You wouldn’t understand.

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