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"Those who decide to elevate their wisdom nonetheless additional by way of examining ... will become aware of an exhilarating new global. " NOEL WHITTAKER, in "Making cash Made easy" 1989. the improvement of calcium antagonists has lately been defined as representing "one of the foremost advances in cardiovascular thera­ peutics of the latter half the 20th century" (Braunwald, 1990). even though, even though the advance of those medications begun within the mid­ nineteen sixties it's only lately that their genuine power has all started to be liked. Even now the calcium antagonist saga isn't really whole, in view that new compounds proceed to seem and new healing applica­ tions emerge. in line with the event won within the clinics within which those medications were used reputation is being given now to the necessity to increase upon the prototypes of the crowd. Such development is leading to the improvement and creation not just of long-acting formulations of the prototypes (nifedipine, verapamil and diltiazem) but additionally of recent calcium antagonists with stronger tissue selectivity, efficiency and period of motion. to these folks who're drawn to this box the sort of improvement is either intriguing and lucrative. so far as the clinicians who prescribe those medicinal drugs are involved the long-acting nature of a few of the more recent calcium antagonists may still make the passable administration in their sufferers an attainable goal.

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In addition there are pumps and ion-specific channels which are located intracellularly, at the level of the sarcoplasmic reticulum. Here there is a Ca 2 + ATPase as well as Ca 2 + -selective channels. The Ca2 + ATPase of the Sarcoplasmic Reticulum The sarcoplasmic reticulum is a fine network of tubules which provides an internal reservoir for and source of Ca 2 +. 1). In cardiac muscle the protein of this pump constitutes approximately fifty percent of the membrane protein of the reticulum. In skeletal muscle it accounts for an even higher proportion (ninety percent) of the membrane protein.

The Ntype of channel predominates in certain neurones - particularly the sensory sympathetic and myenteric plexus neurones. 2). The L-Type of Calcium Conducting Channel It is well known, now, that the functioning of the L-type of Ca 2 + channels is profoundly affected by the calcium antagonists (Fleckenstein, 1988). Moreover, the pharmacological activities of these drugs depend to a large degree on their interaction with these channels. 3. Distribution of voltage-sensitive L-type Ca 2 + -channels (VOC) in the cardiovascular system Cell type Presence or absence of voltage-sensitive L-type channels Myocardium Nodal tissue Vascular smooth muscle cells Platelets Endothelial cells Neutrophils Macrophages Lymphocytes Yes Yes Yes No No No No No The absence of voltage-sensitive Ca 2 + channels from a particular organ does not necessarily mean that the compounds which act primarily as calcium antagonists do not affect the functioning of these organelles.

Note that there are six fully and two partially transmembrane helices. Helix 4 carries the negatively charged residues which allow the channel to be voltage-sensitive The Voltage-Dependent Ca2 + Channels These are described in detail in the next chapter (Chapter 4) and hence will only be mentioned briefly here. 4). In many ways this resembles the system encountered in the Na + channels. The Ca2 + channels are selectively permeable to divalent cations in the following order of decreasing permeability: Ba2+, Sr2 +, Ca 2 +, Mg2+, and except under unusual circumstances these channels do not admit the monovalent cations.

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