By Margaret Coulthard

ISBN-10: 0582553792

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The imperative predicament of this publication is the research of verbal interplay or discourse. this primary six chapters document and review significant theoretical advances within the description of discourse. the ultimate chapters show how the findings of discourse research can be utilized to enquire second-language educating and first-language acquisition and to examine literary texts.

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Are like directives concerned with altering the world to match the words, but this time the point is to commit the speaker himself to acting and it necessarily involves INTENTION. The fourth class, expressives, is much less well defined - there is no dynamic relationship between words and world and no primitive psychological verb. Instead 'the illocutionary point of this class is to express the psychological state specified in the sincerity condition Speech acts and conversational maxims 25 about a state of affairs specified in the propositional content'.

I imagine you will be dusting this evening. d) Pre-conditions la. need for the action: 1b. need for the request: Don't you think the dust is pretty thick? This place really is dusty. Are you planning to dust this room? I don't have to remind you to dust this room. 30 An Introduaion to Discourse Analysis 2. ability: Can you grab a dust rag and just dust around? You have time enough to dust before you go. 3a. willingness: Would you mind picking up a dust rag? I'm sure you wouldn't mind picking up a dust rag and just dusting around.

In fact, as predicted, 'in several hours of conversation ... marked by many changes in topic, [they] found a number of lexical borrowings but not a clear instance of phonological or grammatical switching'. At this point it would seem possible to write rules for the speech community of Hemnesberget to predict the choice of one or other speech variety for one type of speech event, conversation. nded to dissociate themselves from the local community. The students claimed to be pure dialect speakers, but for them topic was a significant variable: non-local topics evoked 'a tendency to switch towards standard phonology while preserving some morphophonemic and lexical' features of the dialect.

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