By Bhushan, Vikas

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This latter agglutinates all Le b -containing cells irrespective of ABO group. CHAPTER X BLOOD GROUPS AND DISEASE THE relationship of blood groups to haemolytic disease of the newborn and to incompatible blood transfusion has already been discussed. These are the two principal ways in which blood groups can be a direct cause of disease : and of disease which is in large measure preventable. There are other ways, however, in which blood groups appear to be related to certain diseases though the mechanisms of the relationship are obscure.

Those who do not carry the Lewis secretor gene L are the 6 per cent, who are neither Le a or Le b . Possibly Table VI may help in appreciating these points, though it should be understood t h a t much of this view is still speculative. TABLE VI Secretor genes for Substances in ABH Le« Saliva Red cells (Lewis only) + + + + ABH, (Le«) Leo Le« ABH none Le* Le« none none This theory seems to leave Le& in a rather anomalous position at present and it has even been suggested t h a t there may be no Le 6 gene.

Several samples of antibodies against both antigens have been found ; they react best by the antiglobulin reaction. The incidence is approximately 76 per cent Jk a and 74 per cent. J k \ KIDD New blood groups are being discovered astonishingly frequently. Some are so rare that no examples are found outside the families of the patients in whom they were first discovered. Others, after a period of independent existence, are shown to be related to one of the existing systems. Some recently discovered antigens whose progress may be worth watching are Wr a , Di a , Yt a , Vel and Js°.

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