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D: OARSMEN F: The Periplous G: The final sea battle in the Great Harbour at Syracuse, 413 BC Gylippos and the Syracusans trapped the Athenian fleet within the Great Harbour and the besiegers found themselves cut off. This is the entrance to the Great Harbour looking south from Via Eolo, across which the Syracusans slung a boom of chained merchantmen. (Author's collection) A marble bust of Perikles, a 2nd-century Roman copy from Hadrian's Villa, Tivoli. It was under Perikles that Athens would become the greatest maritime empire that the Mediterranean had ever known.

Scythians had a reputation as formidable archers and, by all accounts, they deserved it. 91, this reconstruction shows an Athenian trireme, having performed the periplous, preparing to ram a pursuing Leukadian vessel amidships. Eleven Athenian triremes had dashed for Naupaktos with 20 'fast ships' from the Peloponnesian fleet in hot pursuit. Ten of the Athenians made it safely into harbour, and took station near a temple of Apollo, with prows facing outwards, ready to fight. But the last Athenian vessel, finding itself closely followed by a Leukadian trireme, rounded a merchantman anchored off shore and rammed the Leukadian amidships.

The larger commercial harbour, Kantharos, is top left. Zea and Mounychia, the two smaller harbours with the ship sheds, are seen centre and right respectively and served as the military harbours of ancient Athens. 3 tons) Oarsmen [nautai) 170: 62 upper oarsmen (thranitai) 54 middle oarsmen (zugioi) 54 lower oarsmen (thalamioi) Armed men 14: 10 citizen marines (epibatai) 4 mercenary archers (toxotai) Specialist seamen 16: 1 sea-captain (trierarchos) 1 helmsman (kubernetes) 1 bo'sun (keleustes) 1 bow officer (prorates) 1 shipwright (naupegos) 1 double-pipe player (auletes) 10 deck-hands Crew total: 200 B1: Starboard elevation showing general arrangement.

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